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Parts List

  • 8MM Hex Screw

  • 10MM Hex Screw

  • Brass Standoff 3MM

  • Male to Female Brass Standoff 3mm+15mm

  • Nuts

  • Knob

  • PCB and Pom Plate

  • PCB Foams

  • Gasket Strips

  • Acrylic Case

Step 1 - Applying 22 gasket strips on gasket chips

Each gasket chip has one or two cavities to fit gasket strips. Each Aurora comes with a set of Silicone and a set of PORON gasket strips.

Silicone gaskets stips are friction fit. You just push it into the cavity.

PORON gasket strips have adhesives on the back. They are narrow and small, so be careful when putting them on.

Step 2 - Put PCB Foam between PCB and Plate, then screw them together.

Step 3 - Assemble Case

Put Nuts on the Male side of Brass Standoff first.

Stack Bottom 4 layers together, insert PCB and Plate into the 4 layers.

Stack Top 2 layers in place, and then screw them in.

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